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Co-Directors / Curators

Lea Antolini- Lid             Maureen Glennon Clayton

Lea and me.jpg

photo by Anthony Johnson/Narratography


In October of 2020,  Lea Antolini-Lid approached Maureen Glennon Clayton, with the idea of having a dance performance outdoors. At that time there were no indoor performances, for we were all in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic. The two professors from Centenary University went into survival mode and asked fellow dancers and students to perform. Centenary Stage Company was already performing events on the front lawn of the historic Seay Building on the campus of Centenary University. Lea brought Maureen to see the location and once there, Maureen saw more than the front lawn and the porch. Gorgeous old trees, walkways, and beautiful trellis’ surrounded the area. The co-directors went into creative mode, took pictures of the site, and sent them to the choreographers. It was at that moment that Outside the Lines was created. A site-specific dance series, growing from the darkness of a pandemic. Lea and Maureen would like to be advocates for the dance community and beyond, curating performances throughout the state of New Jersey.

photo by Anthony Johnson/Narratography



Outside the Lines mission is to present immersive site-specific dance experiences throughout the state of New Jersey. By moving dance out of the theater and into the unique landscape of the Garden State, we create unique, visceral experiences for our audiences. Outside the Lines will inspire an imaginative way of looking and thinking about dance. We aim to provide cultural experiences to the diverse communities of the state of New Jersey.

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